RIWS Presents:

Blooms: An Open Juried Show

Open to all artists in the US!


Juror: Bill Lane www.billlanewatercolors.com

Exhibition Dates: April 20th - May 24th

Opening Reception: April 27th at 1pm

Notification of Acceptance: April 4th

Drop off/Shipping Dates: April 4th - 18th, Thursdays & Fridays 10am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm (NOTE: We will be CLOSED April 13th)

Pick Up Date: May 24th

Return Shipping: May 24th - June 15th

Theme: This show will embrace the feeling of spring, when flowers are blooming and things begin growing and changing again. This could be interpreted more literally as paintings of flowers or could be more abstract/evocative. We would also love to see pieces that showcase "blooms," the popular watermedia technique of dropping pigment or water into another wet area, though it is not a requirement.


First Name Last Name Title Medium Hieght Width Price
Lori Aberg Simple Beauty Watercolor 16.5" 13.5" 150
Michele Berardo Blooms on Rue Mouffetard Watercolor 15.5" 14.5" 450
Evelyn Bernal Friends Watercolor 22" 30" 2000
Evelyn Bernal Backyard Garden Watercolor 22" 30" 2000
Patricia Bisshopp Rain Forest Flowers Watercolor 9" 12" 145
Ingeborg Bodzioch Flower Pots in Spring Acrylic on canvas 16" 20" 300
Sarah Campbell Heartbeat City Watercolor and ink 10" 10" 200
Florence Como Cosmos Watercolor 16" 16" 595
Debbie Crawford Red Tulip Watercolor 22" 15" 1200
Debbie Crawford Muscari Watercolor 20" 16" 800
Gina Croce Coming Up Roses Watercolor 15" 22" 2200
Anne Crown-Cyr Garden Variety Watercolor 10.5" 14.5" 485
Anne Crown-Cyr Lavender Clematis Watercolor 10" 13.75" 750
Annie Dong Two Parrots Acrylic 36" 12" NFS
Marcus Fields Fireworks Before Risograph print 8.5" 11" 80
Karen Fitzgerald Vase Reflections Watercolor on Yupo 13" 11" 375
Karen Fitzgerald Checkered Cloth Watercolor 22" 14" 750
Nina Friedman Flowers, Flowers, Blooming Acrylic and watercolor with Japanese paper on canvas 18" 18" 500
Angela Gaffney-Smith Poppy Party Watercolor 22" 22" 800
Janice Gallinger Sunny Day Gouache 22" 20" 500
Rebecca Ganz Sunflowers Watercolor 15" 18" 400
Lisa Gregory Humus Diversitas Acrylic on canvas 18" 24" 430
Charles Hildebrandt Ashwaganda Acrylic on canvas 30" 20" 2200
Melissa Hughes Marsh Mallows II Watercolor - wood black print 10" 6.5" NFS
Lori Jeremiah Parrot and Hibiscus Watercolor and pastels 20" 16" 375
Lori Jeremiah Hibiscus Watercolor 12" 9" 325
Gina Judy Wild' Roses Watermedia (watercolor, acrylics, watercolor pencils, gouache) 26.25" 20.25" 475
Gina Judy Vase Of Wild Flowers Alcohol ink onYupo 32.25" 26.25" 500
Susan Klas Wright My Heart Sings Spring! Gouache and watercolor 17" 20" 500
Tamara Krendel Opening Event or Red Geraniums Watercolor 12" 10" 1200
Ashley Larson Delicate Pen and ink 17" 14" 350
David Larson Natural Artifice (Perpetual Spring) Alcohol ink marker 10.5" 13.5" 600
David Larson Quiescent Acrylic 6" 6" 175
Betsey MacDonald It's Not Easy Being Green Oil 24" 12" 500
Donna Mazzone Peony 1 Watercolor 14" 11" 200
Lidia Mikhaylova Dandelions Paint on silk 24" 18" 850
Lidia Mikhaylova Lust for Life - Poppies Paint on silk 28" 28" 750
Lidia Mikhaylova Spring Equinox - Crocus Paint on silk 28" 28" 750
Donna Mohan Dahlia Dreams Acrylics, fabric & thread (free motion stitching) on canvas 24" 24" 450
Nicole OBrien Aqua Bloom Irises Watercolor 20" 16" 425
Mary L. Peng Whimsical Evolution: Lived, Living, Beyond Fine art print 8" 10" NFS
Michelle Peterlin Kaleidoscope Spring Acrylic on canvas 24" 28" 2000
Michelle Peterlin New Harmony Irises Acrylic on canvas 24" 36" 2000
Michelle Peterlin Poppy Tapistry Acrylic on canvas 40" 30" 2000
Claire Pongonis Magnolia Oil pastel 3.5" 5" 300
Megan Rahm Lash Magic Marker and colored pencil on card stock 14" 11" 150
Karen Romani Opening Act Watercolors 14" 14" 450
Karen Romani Awakening Watercolor 10" 8" 200
Rebecca Rothey Sunflowers Watercolor 19" 15" 350
Sarah Sammis Purple Daisy Watercolor 10" 10" 100
Ruth Saunders Word Bloom Mixed media/collage 10" 10" 60
Richard Scruggs Tabernacle Bloom Watercolor 13" 10" 200
David Smith Plein Air, Cherry Blossoms at UW, 3-4:30pm, 3.18-19.24 Watercolor 26" 40" 6000
Jacquelyn Stein Delicious Dogwood Watercolor 16" 23" 850
Mary Taylor Fuchsias Pastel 10" 7.5" 5000
Mariko Toyama Lily in Pink Watercolor 16" 20" NFS
Kurt VanDexter Joe Pye and Sassafrass Acrylic 9" 28" NFS
Margaret Voit A Peaceful Bouquet Watercolor 23" 19" 200
Leslie Wardrop Show Off Watercolor 20" 16" 300
Sharon Whitham Lush Life Printmaking, monotype collage 16" 12" 1200
Emily Wilker Cover Crop Watercolor, gouache, and acrylic on ink on watercolor paper 15" 15" 1495
Mary Wojciechowski Spring Gifts Watercolor 9" 12" 500
Mary Wojciechowski Sprouting Up Alcohol ink 13" 6" 450
Vivian Zoe Juniper Cottage June 2021 Oil on board 28" 19" 750


Work must not have been exhibited in a previous Rhode Island Watercolor Society juried show.

Work must have been completed within the last 10 years.

Work may not be copied from copywritten material.

No work partially or wholly painted by another.

No work created under the direct guidance of another.

No work created by following a tutorial.

Work may have been done in a class or workshop, but only using reference material belonging to the sole artist.

Work must be the same work represented by the submitted digital images. No altered digital images may be submitted.

Work must be the size represented in the submission form.

Work may be listed as NFS (not for sale) by putting the number 0 in the price section of the painting.

Artwork should be well represented by any digital image submitted. 

Pieces may not exceed 48 inches on the longest side (including frame).

Media and Mediums

Acceptable mediums: Any 2D media is acceptable (view unacceptable media below). These include but are not limited to: Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oils, ink, casein, collage, mixed media, monotype, and egg tempera.

Unacceptable media: Photography, 3D media, reproductions, digital art

Acceptable Surfaces: Any 2D Surface. These include but are not limited to: watercolor paper, Yupo and similar synthetic papers, paper coated with varnish or gesso, stretched canvas or canvas paper, rice paper, Duralar, illustration board, and wood.

Framing and Presentation:

Work must be presented in a professional manner. 

No broken or damaged frames. 

Framed work must be under glass/Plexiglas. 

Work may be floated within the frame, or presented with a single or double mat. 

White or off-white mats are preferred, but liner mats less than 3/8" may be colored. Entirely colored mats are acceptable only if they are integral in the completion of the artwork. 

Must be wired with no wire or hanger showing when hung. No tooth hangers.

Paintings on canvas or wood do not need to be framed, but should have the sides painted or be otherwise clean and presented in a professional manner.

Shipping: Please send shipments to the following address:

Rhode Island Watercolor Society

831 Armistice Blvd.

Pawtucket, RI 02861

Please include a pre-paid return label in the box with your painting and send the tracking number to riwsgallery@gmail.com with the subject line "Blooms Tracking."

Please avoid using packing peanuts/Styrofoam whenever possible.

Submission Fee: $20 for non-members, $15 for members. Checks may be made out to "Rhode Island Watercolor Society" or "RIWS"

MEMBERS ONLY: Use code riwsmember in the white box below both your first entry and additional entries on the checkout page. (Check the gray box on the left of the entry on the checkout page to make the white box appear).

To become a member: please visit our website at riws.org or send us an email, we're happy to answer all inquiries about our membership!

The Rhode Island Watercolor Society reserves the right to exclude from the exhibition any works that do not arrive in sturdy condition, or are deemed too fragile to be successfully exhibited. Work that has not been suitably prepared will be hung at the discretion of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. RIWS reserves the right to exclude any works deemed unacceptable as per the rules in the "Eligibilty" section of the application. Please submit only work that will be available at the time of the exhibition and will remain for its entirety. No accepted entry may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. Prices for artwork indicated at the time of submission may not be re-negotiated at a later date. Submitted pieces may be used as promotional material by RIWS. Information on work(s) (including title and price) may not be changed after submission. If the work is sold, the Rhode Island Watercolor Society will receive 35% of the sale.

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