Richard R. Van Wie Memorial Award
Written by granddaughter Satin Soule

This award has been created in the honor of Richard R Van Wie to share his love of art and support those who shared his passion for the beauty of creating.

Richard Van Wie was born October 28 1934 and for the next 87 years of his incredible life he became a loving dedicated husband to his wife Marion of 60 years, brother, father, and grandfather. He was vastly more than the titles he loved. He was the lighthouse to all of our ships, guiding us through clam and storm. He subtly imparted wisdom and advice without judgment giving unconditional support. Encouraged everyone to ask questions, learn, grow, and no matter what age to chase and conquer their dreams. 

He led by example his whole life starting in construction and becoming a superintendent, running as a hobby and turning into a marathon runner who competed around the world continuing into his 70s, learning to sail and captaining his own sailboat The Brigadoon, following his lifelong passion of artwork and achieving his Bachelor’s degree from Massachusetts college of Art at the age of 74, and most importantly he taught us all how to be strong, determined, kind, and to never give up. 

Richards lifelong passion for art led him to experiment with countless mediums, ultimately specializing in oil paint and watercolor. He became a member of the Rhode Island Water Color Society where his art was displayed and enjoyed by all whom saw. A common sight was Richard peacefully painting in his art room or looking out on the water capturing the beauty of the landscape with his trusty water color pallet and sketch book. Listening to him describe how he saw the world made you see it more vividly than you could have ever imagined. As an artist he showed the beauty others couldn’t see as a person he gave all the love we needed.

Donations to the Richard R. Van Wie Memorial Award may be sent to:

Rhode Island Watercolor Society
831 Armistice Blvd.
Pawtucket, RI 02861

Checks may be made out to "Rhode Island Watercolor Society" or "RIWS"
Please include "Richard R. Van Wie Award" in the memo

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