Calendar & Card Contest 2025 Fundraiser
Open to all RIWS Members!

It's time for our annual calendar and card contest fundraiser! RIWS members are encouraged to enter up to three images, all of which will be featured in our 2025 calendar. All entries will be posted on Facebook where each "like" a piece gets counts as one vote. The top 13 images will have large spreads on the months of the calendar, and the number one piece will be the cover!

TO ENTER: Send your entries to and pay online above, pay in person with cash or card, or mail in a check made out to "RIWS." Please email high-resolution photos of the piece(s) along with the title and medium. Suggested size of images: 3MB or greater. If you need help photographing/entering your work, please give us a call to schedule an appointment (401) 726-1876.


There are two different prices for entries. The National Show Entry is for pieces submitted to the National Watermedia Competition (does not have to be ACCEPTED into the show, just entered). The Regular Entry is for all other pieces.

ENTRY GUIDELINES: You may enter work accepted into previous shows at RIWS, but not previous calendars. You may submit pieces of any medium. MUST BE A MEMBER TO ENTER!

Work may not be copied from copywritten material.
No work partially or wholly painted by another.
No work created under the direct guidance of another.
No work created by following a tutorial.
Work may have been done in a class or workshop, but only using reference material belonging to the sole artist.

ONLINE VOTING: Will take place online on Facebook between August 2nd and 16th. For those of you who do not have a Facebook account please send in your votes via email! Votes will be tallied and winners announced on August 18th.

PREORDER CALENDARS: Will be available right here online! The calendars will be $15 and can be picked up in the gallery or shipped when they are ready. 

PREORDER CARDS: We will have assorted packs of six 5"x7" cards with envelopes available for purchase after voting closes! They will feature an assortment of the top 13 images. 

Thank you for your support of RIWS!

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