Watercolor as a Tool for Abstraction - Monica Lee Rich - 2-Day Workshop (Intermediate-Advanced)

  • 17 Sep 2024
  • 10:00 AM
  • 18 Sep 2024
  • 3:00 PM
  • Rhode Island Watercolor Society Classroom
  • 15



Watercolor as a Tool for Abstraction
Monica Lee Rich monicaleerich.com
Date and Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, September 17th & 18th, 10am - 3pm each day
Location: RIWS Classroom

Workshop Description: 

This class will help painters explore the ideas and principles that make up the large subject of abstract painting. Abandoning the horizon line, students will dive into the various ways and mindsets necessary to work free from realism.

We will explore famous abstract painters and discuss how to apply these ideas to form an artist's personal “Way In,” to encourage students to work freely and experimentally. We will use organic shapes and cutouts and work on several paintings during the course of 2 days, with the option of creating a final work on a large sheet of watercolor paper.

Basic watercolor experience is recommended.


Imagery: Come to class with images (preferably printouts) of 3-5 of your favorite abstract paintings. You can also bring magazines/clippings to look to for inspiration. 


Paper: A medium-sized watercolor block or at least 4- 6 torn sheets of watercolor paper roughly the size anywhere from 9 x 12 inches and larger will be used during class.

Brushes: Bring your favorite and most comfortable range of brushes.

Paints: Bring a full range of colors that you are comfortable working with.

Other recommended supplies: Palette, paper towels, spray bottle, anything else you commonly use in your watercolor art!

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