RIWS Presents:

Zooming In: An Online Show

Open to Artists Nationwide

Open to all 2D media (EXCLUDING photography and digital, see more details below)


Juror: Nan Rumpf www.nanrumpf.com

Deadline to Submit: January 12th

Exhibition Dates: January 20th - February 16th

ONLINE Opening Reception: Thursday, January 25th at 6pm on Zoom LINK HERE

Notification of Acceptance: January 18th

This show is taking place online ONLY

Theme: This theme is open to a variety of interpretations! Some examples are: "zooming in" on subject matter, a close-up view, and/or a clear foreground, middle-ground, and background. Another interpretation could be the online aspect of this show: the connections we make by having a Zoom reception, etc.


First Name Last Name Title Medium Height Width Price
Lori Aberg Peony: Through the Looking Glass Watercolor 12 Inches 9 Inches NFS
Gwendalin Aranya Sunshine Lily Pad Oil on canvas 24 Inches 36 Inches 3200
Shirley Bell Bowzer Watercolor 18 Inches 16 Inches NFS
Shirley Bell Katie Watercolor 20 Inches 18 Inches NFS
Pamela Berkeley Juniper Oil on canvas 20 Inches 16 Inches 3500
Fae Borodiansky Keep on Pumpin' Oil on panel 19 Inches 19 Inches NFS
Stephen Capogna Baseball Surface Acrylic on Canvas 30 Inches 30 Inches 1500
Marc Chicoine Sea Dog Watercolor 17 Inches 12 Inches 2000
Judith Freeman Clark At a Rhode Island Vineyard Transparent watercolor 12 Inches 9 Inches 100
Marta Cottrell Hot and Cold: a study of oyster shells and hot sauce Acrylic 24 Inches 24 Inches 250
Gina Croce Roses are White Watercolor 22 Inches 30 Inches 2200
Jo Jasper Dean Strawberry Anemone Grande Oil on canvas 20 Inches 60 Inches NFS
Nancy Dias On Set Acrylic on canvas board 18 Inches 14 Inches NFS
Kara Dunne Motherhood Watercolor pencil, graphite, silk screen 26 Inches 24 Inches 1500
Carissa Fox My Muse Acrylic, fabric, and gold leaf 20 Inches 18 Inches 800
Patricia Fox Purple magic Watercolor 8 Inches 10 Inches 150
David Gardner Drunken Lighthouse Watercolor 20 Inches 16 Inches 1000
Gary Graham Cala Lillys in the Cotswolds Watercolor 12 Inches 8 Inches 300
Susan Graham Zoomed in on Providence Sky Line Acrylic 4 Inches 4 Inches 125
Sylvia C Henry Enigmatic Intent Acrylic 12 Inches 9 Inches 200
Emily Herberich Easter Sunday Quaker Meeting Oil on board 16 Inches 16 Inches 700
Celeste Houle Birds Out of the Blue II 2D 24 Inches 18 Inches 200
Mimi C. Huang Isa Watercolor 16 Inches 12 Inches 1000
Melissa Hughes Exploring the Meat Packing District, NYC Watercolor 6 Inches 8 Inches NFS
Charu Jain Warm Contemplation Acrylic on canvas 48 Inches 30 Inches NFS
Earl Grenville Killeen I Am That I Am Watercolor 10.25 Inches 11.75 Inches 1800
Janet Leombruni Fred & Gladys Charles & Camila Acrylic 30 Inches 24 Inches 1500
Cindy Loveless Pollinator 1 Colored pencil on paper 7.5 Inches 7.5 Inches 400
Lydia Mack Tyger Tyger Oil on canvas 24 Inches 36 Inches 1800
Rosemarie Manson If These Lines Could Talk Mixed media 13.18 Inches 16.67 Inches 250
Donna Mazzone Motor Cycle Blues Watercolor 14 Inches 11 Inches 175
Deborah Morris Rubber Band 1 Pencil on bristol 9 Inches 9 Inches 300
Steven Morris Nest & Eggs Watercolor on Arches paper 18 Inches 9 Inches NFS
Alisa Nelson Palette Photo Shoot Casein & acrylic 8 Inches 8 Inches 125
Soon Ee Ngoh Compass Ballpoint pen 11 Inches 11 Inches NFS
Erin Palmer Szavuly I Got No Strings to Hold Me Down Watercolor 26 Inches 19.5 Inches NFS
Aileen Quinn Water Place Watercolor 11 Inches 15 Inches 350
Anita Rancatti Bells & Horns Watercolor 21 Inches 14 Inches 700
Janet Reynolds Cypress Roots Gouache 15 Inches 20 Inches 475
Sandra Richard Giant Lotus Blossom Watercolor 11 Inches 14 Inches 250
Jeanne Rietzke Lionfish Watercolor 12 Inches 16 Inches 900
Karen Romani Inside Nature Watercolor 22 Inches 15 Inches 500
Rebecca Rothey The Calligrapher Watercolor 15 Inches 19 Inches 350
Karen Rothman Zoom the Old Way Oil and charcoal on canvas 40 Inches 24 Inches NFS
Steve Seagren '06 Corolla Acrylic on canvas 12 Inches 24 Inches 900
Jane Skafte Pears Watercolor 22 Inches 30 Inches 1000
Jane Skafte Bright Sunlight Watercolor 30 Inches 22 Inches 1700
Joshua Smith Pink Room 8.5.2022 Ink on paper 11 Inches 8.5 Inches 250
Sujit Sudhi The Cat's Out of the Bag Watercolor 11 Inches 15 Inches NFS
Deepa Thomas Renewal Watercolor 12 Inches 9 Inches NFS
Tremain Townsend Woman with Parrot Charcoal and gold paint 28 Inches 22 Inches NFS
Andrea Warner A 1930s Brooklyn Bedroom Door Acrylic 20 Inches 16 Inches 350
Morrie Warshawski Round and Round It Goes Mixed media 9.5 Inches 8.5 Inches 300
Mary Wojciechowski Time to Clean the Shed! Watercolor 10 Inches 7 Inches 300
Avital Zemel Leaf and Seed Pod Acrylic on canvas 24 Inches 24 Inches NFS
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