RIWS Presents:

Painting the Blues: An Online Show

Open to Artists Nationwide


Open to all 2D media (EXCLUDING photography and digital, see more details below)

Juror: Shannon Ferrari, Gallery Manager of Art League RI

Deadline to Submit: December 8th

Exhibition Dates: December 16th - January 19th

ONLINE Opening Reception: Thursday, December 21st at 6pm on Zoom LINK HERE

Notification of Acceptance: December 15th

This show is taking place online ONLY

Theme: The theme for this winter exhibition is open to interpretation. We encourage you to submit pieces that feature the color blue, are inspired by Blues music, and/or that evoke feeling blue. 


First Name Last Name Title Medium Height Width Price
Telagio Baptista SHADES OF MIST Watercolor on paper 22 Inches 16 Inches 1600
Dina Belyayeva The Wolf Moon Acrylic 40 Inches 30 Inches 900
Debrah Block Krol My Blue Heart Acrylic on canvas 20 Inches 16 Inches 400
Tina Carter Bounce Turquoise Oil on canvas 6 Inches 12 Inches 400
Tina Carter Rock Pattern Blue Oil on canvas 8 Inches 8 Inches 400
Tina Carter Pyramid Blue Oil on canvas 8 Inches 10 Inches 400
Mira Clark Sea Wasp Acrylic on Canvas 16 Inches 12 Inches 550
Darlene Copeland Chien Dans Acrylic on Paper 12 Inches 9 Inches 250
Craig Davidson Viking Oil and Latex on Canvas 48 Inches 36 Inches 4000
John Edwards The Bluesman Gouache 15.5 Inches 22 Inches 500
John Edwards Out the Window Blues Watercolor 9 Inches 13 Inches 275
Vaughn Filmore Crossroads Oil 30 Inches 24 Inches 3500
Karen Fitzgerald Flying Low Watercolor 22 Inches 28 Inches 525
DeAnna Gibbons Blue Hour Oil paint and cold wax on wood panel board 22 Inches 28 Inches 1250
Bill Gotfryd Strawberry Moon Transparent Watercolor 16 Inches 12 Inches NFS
Shelby Hanson Wake Acrylic 11 Inches 14 Inches 300
Lynn Haygood Lee Ocean Forest at Monterey Acrylic 14 Inches 11 Inches 350
Michael Henry Luddington Lighthouse Watercolor 10.5 Inches 14 Inches NFS
Michael Henry The Blue Hour Watercolor 10 Inches 10 Inches 320
Preeti Iqbal Sparkling Blue Watercolor 8 Inches 9.75 Inches 150
Ana Johnson-Moore Melancholic at the Bookshop Gouache 16 Inches 12 Inches 325
Ana Johnson-Moore She shines in Atlantic City Acryl Gouache 16 Inches 12 Inches 275
Jenny Keyser Into The Blue graphite and acrylic on paper 20 Inches 28 Inches 300
Mary Kiernan Blue Silence Watercolor 9 Inches 12 Inches 400
Earl Grenville Killeen Streamlight Watercolor 8.5 Inches 8.5 Inches 1400
Earl Grenville Killeen Moon Web Watercolor 7.5 Inches 7.5 Inches 1600
Earl Grenville Killeen Baylight Watercolor 24 Inches 20 Inches 2400
Kelly Kimura SJ at Blue Note Watercolor on Paper 13 Inches 9 Inches 400
Bronte Klass Stitch Mixed Media (Screen print and Cyanotype) 14 Inches 16 Inches 275
Bronte Klass Cloak Screenprint On Fabric 18 Inches 18 Inches 295
Nannette Klass Cardboard Houses 16X20 Oil on Canvas with collage 20 Inches 16 Inches 975
Nannette Klass The Inner Child Oil on Canvas with small collage 48 Inches 60 Inches 3900
Lisa Koets The Untouchables Watercolor 22 Inches 15 Inches NFS
Tamara Krendel Behold The Moon Watercolor on panel 20 Inches 16 Inches 1850
Linda Littleton Ice flows Watercolor 18 Inches 24 Inches 750
Linda Littleton Hydrangea gone eild Alcohol ink 20 Inches 8 Inches NFS
Betsey MacDonald Layla Watercolor 24 Inches 16 Inches NFS
Betsey MacDonald Doug James Watercolor 20 Inches 12 Inches NFS
Brenda Man-Fletcher "Air & Water" Acrylic paint and markers on paper 6.5 Inches 4.5 Inches 30
Trish Marcaccio Midnight artist Watercolor 24 Inches 28 Inches 800
Sally Meding Alaska Watercolor 15 Inches 22 Inches 1200
Greg Navratil Creekside Acrylics on canvas 24 Inches 48 Inches 4100
Alisa Nelson Happy Place Casein on aquabord 12 Inches 12 Inches 200
Alisa Nelson Rest to Bloom Casein 12 Inches 9 Inches 175
Soon Ee Ngoh Eternal Ballpoint pen 8.5 Inches 8.5 Inches 1300
Barbara Osborne-Harris Blues Box Collage/Mixed Media 20 Inches 20 Inches 600
Brian Paris As You Travel Ask Why Oil 16 Inches 20 Inches 1500
Brian Paris Arcane Arcade Pregnant with Misfortune Oil 16 Inches 20 Inches 1200
Nellys Pimentel "Me ves corriendo" (Do you see me running?) Mixed media, acrylic, indian ink, plaster 30 Inches 24 Inches 700
Yvonne Posa Reflections Watercolor 8 Inches 10 Inches 80
Jeanne Carol Potter Lily Pads with Reflected Clouds and Reeds on Maine Pond Watercolor 23.5 Inches 32 Inches NFS
Sudie Rakusin Orbits/Spheres No. 1 Cold wax and oil on wood panel 30 Inches 30 Inches 2800
Teresa Rancourt Finding The Way Home Mixed media 14 Inches 11 Inches 350
Rosemary Read Feeling Blue Casein, Acrylic 24 Inches 18 Inches 750
Christian Rieben Walking in Darkness Oil on canvas 60 Inches 108 Inches 10000
Marc Rifkin Tie Dye Crocs Acrylic 18 Inches 24 Inches NFS
Marc Rifkin Talk of the Town Acrylic 24 Inches 30 Inches NFS
Malakai Schulz The Problem Relief woodcut print 12 Inches 12 Inches 100
Beth Shadur Breathless Watercolor on paper 11 Inches 11 Inches 450
Beth Shadur Mancos Shale (Capital Reef NP) Watercolor 13 Inches 14 Inches 450
Lanny Sherwin Blue On Blue Oil 32 Inches 28 Inches 450
Sissi Sneve-Schultze Blues Oil 16 Inches 12 Inches 900
Morrie Warshawski California Wildfire Acrylic, canvas, dried flowers 18 Inches 24 Inches 400
Morrie Warshawski One Art Vilanelle - For Elizabeth Bishop Mixed media 30 Inches 24 Inches NFS
Mary Wojciechowski Incoming Watercolor 9 Inches 12 Inches 400
Mary Wojciechowski Out of the Blue Monotype collage 6 Inches 18 Inches 450


Work must not have been exhibited in a previous Rhode Island Watercolor Society juried show.
Work must have been completed within the last 10 years.
Work may not be copied from copywritten material.
No work partially or wholly painted by another.
No work created under the direct guidance of another.
No work created by following a tutorial.
Work may have been done in a class or workshop, but only using reference material belonging to the sole artist.
Work must be the same work represented by the submitted digital images. No altered digital images may be submitted.
Work must be the size represented in the submission form.
Work may be listed as NFS (not for sale) by putting the number 0 in the price section of the painting or by contacting the gallery at riwsgallery@gmail.com.
Artwork should be well represented by any digital image submitted.

There is no size limit for this show.

The Rhode Island Watercolor Society is proud to support watercolor and other traditional watermedia materials and methods. With the growth of the arts industry comes the introduction of new equipment and practices. As the options for art making expand, so must the horizons of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society guidelines for our open juried shows.

Media and Mediums

Acceptable mediums: Any 2D media is acceptable (view unacceptable media below). These include but are not limited to: Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oils, ink, casein, and egg tempera.

Unacceptable media: Photography, 3D media, reproductions, digital art

Acceptable Surfaces: Any 2D Surface. These include but are not limited to: watercolor paper, Yupo and similar synthetic papers, paper coated with varnish or gesso, stretched canvas or canvas paper, rice paper, Duralar, illustration board, and wood.

Framing and Presentation: Framing is not necessary for this show as it is online only. If pieces are not framed, please reflect that when pricing your work. Work may still be sold in our online gallery. 

Shipping: Please DO NOT ship pieces for this show, as pieces will be displayed online in a digital format only. If your piece is purchased in our online gallery, shipping costs must be paid for by the buyer or the artist and are not the responsibility of the gallery.

Submission Fee: $15 for non-members, $10 for members. Checks may be made out to "Rhode Island Watercolor Society" or "RIWS."

MEMBERS ONLY: Use code riwsmember in the white box below both your first entry and one additional entry on the checkout page. IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING THREE PIECES: Use code riwsmember on the first entry and riwsmember2 on your additional entries. 

To become a member: please visit our website at riws.org or send us an email, we're happy to answer all inquiries about our membership!

Work that has not been suitably digitally submitted will be displayed at the discretion of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. Please submit only work that will be available at the time of the exhibition and will remain for its entirety. No accepted entry may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. Prices for artwork indicated at the time of submission may not be re-negotiated at a later date. Submitted pieces may be used as promotional material by RIWS. Information on work(s) (including title and price) may not be changed after submission. If the work is sold, the Rhode Island Watercolor Society will receive 35% of the sale.

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