RIWS Presents:

Follow the Light: An Online Show

Open to Artists Nationwide

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Open to all 2D media (EXCLUDING photography and digital, see more details below)

Juror: Valerie Albert Weingard www.valeriealbertweingard.com

Exhibition Dates: October 14th - November 17th

ONLINE Opening Reception: Friday, October 20th at 6pm on Zoom LINK HERE

This show is taking place online ONLY

Theme: Light is an extremely important part of any painting. Where the "Lights" and "Darks" are placed help to form the composition and draw the eye of the viewer. Having an understanding of the light source helps to ground representational scenes in reality. There are many ways "light" can impact a piece of art, and we want to see your interpretation of artwork that exemplifies this theme.


Watercolor Award: Gina Croce "Villa Napoli" Juror Comments: "I chose this painting for its lovely depiction of light and shadow, and masterful glazing technique. I just love all these diagonal shadows!"

First Prize: Brenda Bechtel "Windchimes" Juror Comments: "I feel this painting is the most successful at embodying the spirit of this show. Gauzy light at golden hour spills into a room, changing the nature of everything it touches. Sumptuous!"

Second Prize: Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash "Mutt and Jeff" Juror Comments: "A remarkable and original still life, painted in a limited yet luscious palette."

Third Prize: Kimberly Rodey "Visitant" Juror Comments: "The depiction of light makes this portrait so intimate and evocative."

Honorable Mention: Steve Griggs "Where the Light Gets In" Juror Comments: "Masterful use of hard and soft edges to create light in this lively urban scene."

Honorable Mention: Nicole Smith "Central Coast Light" Juror Comments: "This watercolor achieves its atmospheric quality by its striking use of value. It reminds me of beautiful grisaille underpainting, with just a touch of color."


First Name Last Name Title Medium Height Width Price
Vera Anderson Gabriel the Herald Oil 20 Inches 30 Inches 1275
Brenda Bechtel Windchimes Oil on Linen 9 Inches 14 Inches NFS
Cynthia Bell Sundance Pastel 9 Inches 12 Inches 140
Shirley Bell Sunrise at Beavertail Light Watercolor 9 Inches 15 Inches 300
Shirley Bell Rolf Watercolor 12 Inches 11 Inches NFS
Pamela Berkeley Candlemas Oil on Canvas 28 Inches 30 Inches 4500
Pamela Berkeley Sturgeon Moon Oil on Linen 12 Inches 12 Inches 2500
Kamila Blessing Oblation Acrylic 30 Inches 24 Inches 850
Marilynne Bradley On the Horizon Watercolor 15 Inches 22 Inches 2200
Marilynne Bradley Twilight Zone Watercolor 15 Inches 22 Inches 2200
Marilynne Bradley Waiting Watercolor 15 Inches 22 Inches NFS
Doreen Carlin-Grande Little Pot of Pothos Watercolor 15 Inches 12 Inches NFS
Brett Cassort Serenity at Sunset Oil on Canvas 36 Inches 48 Inches 3600
John Cleary Yellow Reamain Acrylic on canvas 50 Inches 60 Inches 8000
Maureen Creegan Quinquis Self portrait wrapped in holiday lights Charcoal, ink on paper 24 Inches 18 Inches NFS
Gina Croce Villa Napoli Transparent watercolor 18 Inches 26 Inches 3600
Gina Croce Puppy Love Watercolor 24 Inches 22 Inches 1400
Jeannine Dabb untitled Watercolor pen and ink with gold leaf 20 Inches 30 Inches NFS
Karen Davis Penniman Creek Watercolor 12 Inches 12 Inches NFS
Warren Dreher Public Gardens, Boston Chalk Pastel on Paper 19 Inches 25 Inches 2000
Chih Chun Eroles Guiding Light Watercolor 11 Inches 15 Inches 900
Karen Fitzgerald Tea Time Watercolor 14 Inches 22 Inches 850
Ellen Fountain Out-of-Towners Transparent watercolor on paper 12 Inches 12 Inches 350
Ellen Fountain Platform Gap Reflections transparent watercolor on paper 13.75 Inches 20.5 Inches 720
Ellen Fountain Twin Hills - 5 PM transparent watercolor on paper 10.25 Inches 14.5 Inches 300
Melany Garcia Mercedes Luminous Pen on paper 10 Inches 8 Inches NFS
Pauline Goldsmith Spanish Orange Watercolor on paper 11 Inches 15 Inches 600
Mark Goodmanson The Searchers Monotype Printmaking 5 Inches 4 Inches 200
Laura Green Catch me if you can Acrylic 18 Inches 14 Inches 350
David Gregory Orchid Reaching for Light Watercolor 14 Inches 14 Inches 900
Steve Griggs Where the Light Gets In Watercolor 14 Inches 10 Inches NFS
Jackie Habig View From The Top Acrylic 12 Inches 36 Inches 350
Thea Hart Fools Flame Oil on panel 5 Inches 7 Inches 650
Michael Henry Rustic Harbor Watercolor 16 Inches 20 Inches 690
Michael Henry Light My Darkness Watercolor 15 Inches 10 Inches 500
Michael Henry Grand Haven Light Watercolor 9 Inches 10 Inches 290
Melissa Hughes Midnight Reflections Provincetown Black Line Woodblock Print 4.5 Inches 8 Inches NFS
Earl Grenville Killeen Well-Sprung Watercolor 15 Inches 15 Inches 1600
Earl Grenville Killeen Grounded Watercolor 15 Inches 11 Inches NFS
Tamara Krendel Drawn to the Light/ Pussywillows and Moths Oil pastel on paper 22 Inches 24 Inches 3700
Valerie Leri Morning in Tuscany Acrylics 24 Inches 32 Inches 2200
Deborah Moss Marris Mother of Pearl Oil on canvas 20 Inches 16 Inches 2500
Joel Metzler Line of Trees Mixed media (acrylic and oil on canvas) 30 Inches 30 Inches NFS
Soon Ee Ngoh Retreat Ballpoint pen 11 Inches 11 Inches 1000
Soon Ee Ngoh Whole Ballpoint pen 11 Inches 8 Inches 950
Kristina Occhino Lily Pond Magic watercolor 17.19 Inches 23.19 Inches NFS
Elaine Regopoulos Along the Brandywine River, Chadds Ford, PA Watercolor 11.12 Inches 14.75 Inches NFS
Kimberly Rodey Visitant Oil on paper 16 Inches 12 Inches 300
Allie Sabalis Birch Trees and Shadows Watercolor 22 Inches 30 Inches 800
David Smith Plein Air, 9:30-11am, Windy, Rainy, Luther Burbank, 9.20.23 Watercolor 30 Inches 42 Inches 6000
David Smith Plein Air, 7:45-8:15am, Lake Morning in Orcas, 9.23.23 Watercolor 22 Inches 30 Inches 3000
Nicole Smith Central Coast Light Watercolor 11 Inches 14 Inches 800
Jennifer Sowders Present Danger Acrylic on canvas 20 Inches 16 Inches NFS
Joanne Stowell Farmer's Porch Oil on wood 18 Inches 24 Inches 1200
Karolina Szumilas Glimmer Oil painting 20 Inches 20 Inches NFS
Annamarie Trombetta Cleopatra's Needles Painted En Plein Air Oil on Canvas 12 Inches 36 Inches 18000
Paula Visnoski Lincoln Woods Rock Stars Watercolor on Arches 300 lb. cp paper 12 Inches 16 Inches 300
Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash Beavertail Acrylic on panel 8 Inches 9 Inches NFS
Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash Lola's Arrangement Acrylic on panel 48 Inches 36 Inches 27500
Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash Mutt and Jeff Acrylic on panel 30 Inches 24 Inches NFS
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