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Open to all artists in the US!


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Juror: Mark Fernandez www.markfernandez.com

Exhibition Dates: August 5th - September 1st

Artist Talk: May Babcock on Papermaking 11am (FREE!)

Show Opening: August 19th at 12pm, after May Babcock Artist Talk

Notification of Acceptance: July 20th

Drop off/Shipping Dates: July 21st - August 3rd, 2023, Thursdays & Fridays 10am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm

Pick Up/Return Shipping Dates: September 2nd - 23rd Thursdays & Fridays 10am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm

Theme: There are so many amazing spaces just waiting to be captured in art! Submit pieces that exemplify amazing spaces. Feel free to use your own interpretation of the theme.


First Name Last Name Ttitle Medium Height Width Price
Dina Belyayeva Warrent Falls Acrylic 40 Inches 16 Inches 960
Pamela Berkeley The Housatonic in Flood Oil on Canvas 12 Inches 24 Inches 1500
Pamela Berkeley Mudge Pond, Winter 2021 Oil on Canvas 16 Inches 20 Inches 4500
Evelyn Bernal Countryside Watercolor 22 Inches 30 Inches 2000
John Calabrese That Magnificent Desolation Graphite pencil on paper 16 Inches 20 Inches 1000
Bobbie Friedman Narrative Path Gauche, graphite, oil 24 Inches 18 Inches NFS
Bobbie Friedman Underwater Memory Gauche, graphite, oil 7 Inches 5.25 Inches NFS
Susan Gilbert Molly World Gouache on paper 26 Inches 37 Inches 1000
Leslie Godfrey Barren Watercolor 15 Inches 22 Inches 750
Leslie Godfrey My Space Watercolor 13 Inches 19 Inches NFS
Gary Graham Millpond Channel at Bristol Harbor Watercolor 8 Inches 11 Inches 300
Gary Graham Crook Point Bridge Watercolor 9 Inches 9 Inches 350
Gary Graham View from Bristol Ferry Landing Watercolor 10 Inches 15 Inches 350
Laura Green Girl Up in a Tree Acrylic 16 Inches 20 Inches 350
Becky Haletky The Nite Owl Watercolor 28 Inches 34 Inches 1500
Lucinda Hamilton The Impressionists Watercolor 9 Inches 14 Inches 400
Gary Heise Hudson Valley Stream Ink and watercolor on rice paper 27 Inches 18 Inches 925
Frank Hoeffler The Outcropping Oil on Canvas 18 Inches 24 Inches 400
Frank Hoeffler The Path to the Potato Field Oil on Canvas 18 Inches 24 Inches 400
Gregory Holden Industrial Landscape Acrylic 5 Inches 7 Inches 400
Melissa Hughes The Red Door Watercolor 9.5 Inches 6.5 Inches NFS
Lori Jeremiah Secret Cove Pastel 11 Inches 15 Inches 595
Gongsan Kim Concentration Camp #16 Burnt linen 30 Inches 30 Inches 2800
Elizabeth Kirby Enclave Oil on Canvas 12 Inches 12 Inches 700
Tamara Krendel Night Flight, SPhynx Ascending Watercolor on mat board 20 Inches 16 Inches 2400
huaqi Liu Clouds Oil on canvas 12 Inches 12 Inches NFS
Lindsay Mac The Grit Oil on Canvas 30 Inches 24 Inches 2400
Victoria MacLean Kitchen in Russia Gouache 9 Inches 12 Inches 350
Tatiana Makht Jupiter and a Bull Watercolor, paper 14 Inches 11 Inches 678
Lyn Malone Creekside Seats Watercolor 8 Inches 10 Inches NFS
Stephanie Marisca Heart Space I Watercolor 10 Inches 8 Inches 250
Donna Mazzone Up the Down Staircase Watercolor 18 Inches 15 Inches 250
Donna Mazzone Window View Watercolor 16 Inches 12 Inches 22
Hunter OHanian Ode to Kenneth Stubbs - Provincetown Harbor Oil on repurposed canvas board 16 Inches 20 Inches NFS
Richard Pawlak Garbageman (With Nike Pants) Fresco on MDF board 16.5 Inches 23.5 Inches 3600
Victoria Perry DeChelly Pink Oil on canvas 26 Inches 20 Inches 2600
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Half bridge, Avignon Watercolor 38 Inches 46 Inches NFS
Cheryl Richey Dream Catcher 2 Acrylic, collage on canvas 24 Inches 24 Inches 680
Steven Rushefsky Se Velha Cloister (straight view) Reed Pen & Ink and acylic ink wash on paper 11 Inches 14 Inches 630
J Elaine Senack Sunlight in the Woods Acrylic on canvas 12 Inches 6 Inches 820
Jake Sheykhet Window Pane Oil Paint, Cotton Balls, Cardboard, Pen, Whiteout 30 Inches 24 Inches 7000
David Smith Plein Air, Dock at Kenmore’s Log Boom Park, ~3:30-4:30pm Watercolor 30 Inches 42 Inches 6000
David Smith Plein Air, Seward Park Sunset, 8.29.22 Monday, 7:30-8pm Watercolor 26 Inches 37 Inches 6000
Jacquelyn Stein Flyin' High Oil 16 Inches 20 Inches 850
Mariko Toyama Back street scene Napoli, Italy Watercolor 18 Inches 24 Inches 950
Mariko Toyama Three white geese, Orleans, France Watercolor 16 Inches 20 Inches NFS
Joanna Walitalo Took Dad Hunting Pyrography (woodburning) 15.5 Inches 14 Inches 8000
Joanna Walitalo Zack's Dog Pyrography (woodburning) 14 Inches 13 Inches NFS
Andrea Warner Precious Dunes in the Cape Cod National Seashore Watercolor 13 Inches 16 Inches 300
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