RIWS Presents: An Artist Member Showcase
Featuring Sally Meding, Lori Jeremiah, and Karen Fitzgerald

Exhibition Dates: June 26th - July 30th

Location: RIWS Gallery (Main Gallery and Library)

Show Opening: Due to gathering size limitations we will likely not be having an opening for this show

Join us in celebrating three of our Signature Members in our 2021 showcase! Each featured artist will have a large body of work on display, as well as some smaller items for sale such as prints and cards. For more information on our featured artists, find their artist statements below!

View a video of the show here! Thank you Karen for providing it!

Sally Meding, RIWS Signature Member

My watercolor paintings reflect my concern for our environment and conviction towards awareness of climate change which directly affects our planet. I have great respect for Mother Nature and my work is planned with an underlying message-to preserve ecological balance. I spend much time designing around this philosophy in most of the pieces that I create.

Harmonious color, through use of a limited palette of color, initially sets the mood. Once chosen, I begin my process and often place textural items in the initial layer (wash). As this dries, these leave interesting spontaneous patterns. This first wash is the most exciting and sometimes influences my initial ideas for the piece (which are planned beforehand).

I define my focal area with precise clean edges. I interweave an abstract layer though the first wash with connecting shapes or nature-inspired symbols. Finally, I embellish select shapes with rhythmic patterns, by lifting them from the paper, and then repeating them throughout artwork like an echo.

Throughout my process, I play a game of contrasts (of design) including light against dark, warm against cool hues or bright against dull colors. The different areas of contrast allow the viewer's eye to be guided through painting, to enjoy the color, textures and symbols along the journey, to a thought-provoking arena at the edge of abstract and realism.


Lori Jeremiah, RIWS Signature Member

Rocky shores, crashing waves, waterfalls, sunlit paths and beautiful faces...the possibilities for artistic inspiration in nature are endless. Striving to paint the surrounding beauty is never ending and always challenging. The sparkle of light, the lively shadows, the quiet mood all last but a moment in time but can last indefinitely in a painting.

I strive to capture those fleeting moments, often brief and unexpected, in my paintings. Pastel and watercolor are the mediums that I use to convey this personal vision. I hope that my paintings are a glance that beckons you to stop and linger for a moment.


Karen Fitzgerald, RIWS Signature Member

I was introduced to plein air watercolor painting at a Saturday morning course while in grade school. The instructor took us out to draw and paint various sites around town and my love of the medium has never waivered. Although I have explored other media, watercolor is my medium of choice, my first love.

The work that I have submitted for this particular show reflects my emotional connections with rhythmic patterns, repetitive color and joyful noise. Painting light and dramatic shadows, reflections on glass and water as the light and color visually distort imagery becomes a form of abstraction that is connecting me to a particular time and space I have experienced. As a watercolor painter, I am always looking for that emotional connection to the subject to draw me into the piece.

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