RIWS Presents:

124th Annual Artist Members Show

Featuring the Al Albrektson Award of Excellence

and the Gail Armstrong Memorial Award

Open to all Artist and Signature Members!


June 11th - 26th, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30am - 3:30pm, Fridays 8:30am - 12pm 
Please contact riwsgallery@gmail.com to arrange another pickup date and time if you cannot make the provided pickup window

This statement has been provided by Craig Masten on behalf of the Gail Armstrong Memorial Award:

"I’ve been asked to write a few words as the husband of Gail Armstrong, an artist in whose honor the second place award In the Members Show is given this year for the first time. I had no part in the decision to create such a memorial for Gail; it was initiated by a number of her friends, and is being supported by continuing donations from friends and colleagues who, like me, fondly remember her as an influence on them as both an artist and person.

Neither did I have any part in the decision as to who received the award, but was pleased to learn the prize went to Ralph Acosta. Not only did he make a beautiful painting, both Gail and I have known Ralph personally and admired his work for many years. I’m sure she would be happy the juror chose him.

I want to thank everyone in the Rhode Island Watercolor Society for endowing this memorial second place award in Gail’s name. I can’t really tell you how much it means to me. I’m sure Gail would also be thrilled her second place award stands together with the members’ show first prize which honors our dear friend, Al Albrektson, who she dearly loved for so many reasons."
- Craig Masten

ONE Entry per Artist Member (watermedia only)

Entry Deadline: March 5

Submit: Submit entry information via EMAIL to riwsgallery@gmail.com
Please include the Title, Medium, and Price (or indicate NFS),
Attach an image of the piece if you would like a chance to be featured on the show brochure! Otherwise no image needed
All submitted pieces will be featured in the show and then juried for awards

Entry Fee: $10 may be PAID ONLINE HERE or in the gallery upon drop off

Drop Off/Delivery: March 5, 6, 7, 12, & 13 10am-3pm

Exhibition Dates: March 14 - May 1


Award Juror: Irena Roman www.irenaroman.com

Pickup: June 11 - 26, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30am - 3:30pm, Fridays 8:30am - 12pm 

PLEASE NOTE: We will be CLOSED for the month of March as a result of concerns over the COVID-19 Coronavirus. After reopening, we will resume our hours of Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Entry Deadline: March 5th via EMAIL to riwsgallery@gmail.com

All Artist and Signature Members are invited to enter one piece!

Images: Maximum of 1 per member

Size (UPDATED PLEASE READ): Work must not exceed 36 inches on its longest side (including frame)
We will not be using the downstairs space to hang work, thus we have adjusted the size maximum so all pieces can fit comfortably upstairs. If you already submitted a piece larger than this just let us know via email (riwsgallery@gmail.com)

Entry Fee: $10 Paid Here or in the gallery when dropped off

Submit: Submit entry information via EMAIL to riwsgallery@gmail.com
Please include the Title, Medium, and Price (or indicate NFS)

For your consideration: We ask that you consider donating to the Gail Armstrong Memorial Award established this year!
Make checks payable to Rhode Island Watercolor Society. We thank you for your support!


Work must have been completed within the last 10 years.

Work may not be copied from copywritten material. 

No work partially or wholly painted by another. 

Work may have been done in a class or workshop, but only using reference material belonging to the sole artist.

Work must not exceed 36 inches on its longest side (including frame).

Work may be listed as NFS (not for sale).

The Rhode Island Watercolor Society is proud to support watercolor and other traditional watermedia materials and methods. With the growth of the arts industry comes the introduction of new equipment and practices. As the options for art making expand, so must the horizons of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society guidelines for our member and open juried shows.

Media and Mediums

Acceptable mediums: Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, acrylic mediums and watercolor mediums, ink, casein, egg tempera

Acceptable media up to 20%: line & wash, watercolor pencils, collage (waterbased, on or of paper), charcoal, graphite, wax accents and resists, water-based monotypes and mono prints, embossing.

Unacceptable media: Pastels, colored pencil other than watercolor pencil, fabrics, digital media or digitally enhanced images, multiple edition prints, sand, glitter, gold or metal leaf, collage from printed materials, newspaper, magazines, etc., oil paints, photography, reproductions

Acceptable Surfaces:

Watercolor paper, toned watercolor paper, Yupo and similar synthetic papers, paper coated with water based varnish and gesso, textured paper, gallery wrapped or stretched canvas, canvas paper, illustration board, watercolor board, rice paper, Duralar, Aquaboard, wood

Framing and Presentation:
Work must be presented in a professional manner. 
No broken or damaged frames. 
Framed work must be under glass unless it is over 22”x 28”, in which case it must be framed with Plexiglas. 

    Work may be floated within the frame, or presented with a single or double mat. 

    White or off white mats are preferred, but liner mats less than 3/8" may be colored. Entirely colored mats are acceptable only if they are integral in the completion of the artwork. 

    Must be wired with no wire or hanger showing when hung. No tooth hangers.

    The Rhode Island Watercolor Society reserves the right to exclude from the exhibition any works that do not arrive in sturdy condition, or are deemed too fragile to be successfully exhibited. Work that has not been suitably prepared will be hung at the discretion of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society. Please submit only work that will be available at the time of the exhibition and will remain for its entirety. No accepted entry may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. Prices for artwork indicated at the time of drop-off may not be re-negotiated at a later date. Submitted images of pieces may be used as promotional material by RIWS.

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