RIWS Open Juried Shows - Accepted Work

2017 "Celebration of Color" Open Juried Show ACCEPTED ENTRIES

Aissis, Jerry

Baskets for Sale

Albrektson, Al

Positively Pink!

Andreotti, Ray

Jungle Beat

Armstrong, Gail


Beckwith, Robin

Vernal Equinox

Bernal, Evelyn


Bertozzi, Judith

Moss Horizon

Bertozzi, Judith

Turquoise Glints / Pt. Reyes

Brookfield, Maureen

Red, White & Blue

Callahan, Mary

Early Morning Light, Tuscany

Cardoza, Rick

Pemaquid Point

Chin, Cathy

East Side Color

Cleasby, Marietta

Lantern Light

Cointreau, Sandra

Taking the Turn

Cointreau, Sandra

David In my Kitchen

Crowell, Alyce

Paris in Bloom

Derr, Jamie

Swan Memorial Fountain

DiDonato, Cynthia


Fitzgerald, Karen

Rose Garden

Fitzgerald, Karen

Gardener's Shed

Flagg, Carol

Paper Poppies

Flagg, Carol

Purple Bike Cortona Italy

Girard, Michelle


Godfrey, Leslie

In the Mountains

Gordon, Karen

Ruby Red

Gutchen, Robert

Takeesha Blue

Gutchen, Robert


Gutchen, Robert

Renaissance Val

Habig, Jackie

Downtown Val Thorens

Haletky, Becky

West 14th St

Hansen, Carol

The Trees for the Forest

Haynes, Pam

Twin Roses

Heydt, William

Phil Sardella

Hsiung, Robert

Late Afternoon in Portland #2

Jeremiah, Lori


Klas Wright, Susan

Color in Motion

Lachut, Margaret

The Challenge

Lynn, Jody

Colorful Reflections

Lynn, Jody

Colorful Expressions

Machala, Hollis

Cherries & Mint

Machala, Hollis

Autumn Evening Light at Taraden

MacLure, Donna

King of the Coop

Masse, Susan

Sun Touched Iris

McKeon, Mary-Jo

El Nino Des Colores

Newton, Jane E. 

White Peonies

Occhino, Kristina N. 


Ofcarcik, Judith

Nature's Palette

Para, Elvira

Shutters Galore

Paulson, Steve

View from Prospect Terrace

Porreca, Linda

White Stallion

Posa, Yvonne


Robertson, Frank

Beautiful Surroundings

Rourke, Anne

Apple Rainbow

Stranz, Susan


Timmins, Kathy

Foiled Again

Timmins, Kathy

Basket of Buoys

Torres, Lynette

Woodland Berries

Tuchapsky, Kyong

Botanical Garden

Wheeler, Jessica


Wolf, C.C.

Life Recreates Itself

2016 SHOWS:

The Art of Play, Juried by Bob Noreika: September 2016:
Accepted Work by:

Aissis, Jerry – “Boys will be Boys”, Albrektson, Al – “Playin' it Hot”, Azevedo, Herb – “Perkins Cove”, Bailey, Lisa G. – “Sail into Spring”, Bailey, Lisa G. – “The Crossing”, Bernal, Evelyn – “Nature's Game”, Bertozzi, Judith – “Magic Carpet Caper”, Blough, Donald – “Who Are You?”, Blough, Donald – “Moonlight Sonata”, Blough, Donald – “Heading up the Seekonk”, Cahalan, Pat – “Sunstruck”, Canning, Barbara – “Learning to Play”, Chin, Cathy – “Barking Crab”, Como, Florence – “Concentration”, Como, Florence – “Pool Party”, Eisman, Sharon D. – “Fantasy Floral”, Freeman, Judith Clark – “Pup in the Pool”, Gallinger, Janice – “Ace in the Hemlocks”, Godfrey, Leslie – “Ocean's Playground”, Habig, Jackie – “Happy Hour”, Haletky, Becky – “Dog Days”, Halle, Allen R. – “Playground”, Jette, Beatrice B. – “Hooping at Prospect Terrace”, MacLure, Donna – “Game Balls”, Marcaccio, Trish – “School Daze”, Marcaccio, Trish - “Beachcomber”, Meding, Sally – “Her Strategic Move”, Mulligan, Judy – “Playful Look”, Newton, Jane – “The Play of Light & Color”, Occhino, Kristina N. – “Play of Patterns”, Occhino, Kristina N. – “Gray Day, Gulls Play”, O'Connell, Elizabeth – “Foxes at Winter Play”, Pace, Bernadette – “Emerging Magic”, Para, Elvira – “Colorful Cat”, Posa, Yvonne – “Oystering at Hood Canal”, Robertson, Frank – “Street Art”, Scanlon, Alexis – “Out for a Ride”, Sumner, Jim – “Playing Around”, Sumner, Norma – “Weekend Warriors”, Sumner, Norma – “Faries Playground”, Taylor, Diane M. – “Game On!”, Thompson, Elinor – “Ladies Golf”, Thompson, Joan – “At the Beach”, Toyama, Mariko – “Box of Donuts”, Warner, Andrea – “Carnival Man”, Warner, Andrea – “Out on the Town”, Warner, Andrea – “Looking Back”, Wojciechowski, Mary – “Out of This World”, Wojciechowski, Mary – “Reflections”, Wojciechowski, Mary – “Crimson Sky”

Blues, Juried by Lian Quan Zhen: July 2016:
Accepted Work by:

Aissis, Jerry - "Morning Glow", Albrektson, Al - "Blue Waters", Albrektson, Al - "Arrangement in Blue", Bernal, Evelyn - "Blue in the Forest", Blackbourn, Julia - "Blues; Homage to Bill Evans", Blackbourn, Julia - "Bleu Fleur", Boghossian, Joan Thompson - "More Geraniums", Bush, Linda - "Waiting", Cahalan, Pat  - "Midnight Seas", Callahan, Mary - "Sienna Blues", Canning, Barbara - "Girl in the Mirror", Como, Florence J - "Almost Home", Como, Florence J. - "Morgan", Como, Florence J. - "'L.T.' in his Blue Bow Tie", DiDonato, Cynthia M. - "Film Noir", Donovan, Joanne - "Winter Blues", Eckberg, Gail - "Pottery Plate and Grapes", Eckberg, Gail - 'Marsh in the Mist", Eckberg, Gail - "As Sailing Class Ends", Freeman Clark, Judith - "Low Tide at Sunset, Nantasket", Freeman Clark, Judith - "Santa on Vacation", Gallinger, Janice - "No Vacancy", Godfrey, Leslie - "Autumn in Blue & Orange", Godfrey, Leslie - "Blue Baboon - Zambian Bush Fantasy", Griffeth, Bunny - "Sunset", Habig, Jackie - "Venice Blues I", Habig, Jackie - "Venice Blues II", Haletky, Becky - "Blue Fog", Haletky, Becky - "Rough Sea, Monterey", Jeremiah, Lori - "Blue Hydrangea", Jeremiah, Lori - "Bosco Blues", Jeremiah, Lori - "Playing the Blues", Kindregan, Susan - "Listening to Aruban Blues", Machala, Hollis - "Knife, Fork, and Spoon", Machala, Hollis - "Sad Shades", Mansour, Janet - "A Bouquet for Mom", Miok, Bruining - "Playing the Blues", Mordan, S.C. - "Lacerated", Newton, Jane E. - "A Gift out of the Blue", Newton, Jane E. - "Seaside at Kennebunkport", Ofcarcik, Judith - "Under the Blue Umbrella", Pace, Bernadette - "#19!", Paulson, Steve - "Misty Morning", Porreca, Linda -  "Great Blue Heron", Posa, Yvonne - "Room of 'Shrooms", Robertson, Frank - "Ella Sings the Blues", Stranz, Susan - "Brittany Blue", Stranz, Susan - "Cape Cod Blues", Tuchapsky, Kyong - "November", Volatile, Mary J. - "Winter 2015", Volatile, Mary J. - "True Blue Patriot", Warner, Andrea - "Ocean Bottom #1", Weber, Richard - "Playing the Blues", Wojciechowski, Mary - Shore Busters"

1st Place: Blue Fog by Becky Haletky

2nd Place: Blue in the Forest by Evelyn Bernal

3rd Place: Blue Waters by Al Albrektson

4th Place: Santa on Vacation by Judith Freeman Clark

5th Place: Seaside at Kennebunkport by Jane E. Newton

Honorable Mention #1: Sad Shades by Hollis Machala

Honorable Mention #2: Blues; Homage to Bill Evans by Julia Blackbourn

Honorable Mention #3: Shore Busters by Mary Wojciechowski

Honorable Mention #4: Autumn in Blue & Orange by Leslie Godfrey

RIWS 120th Annual Artist Member Show, Juried by Paul Leveille; April 2016:
All works submitted to this show will be hung in this exhibition.

1st Prize: Asparagus and Lemons by Donna MacLure
2nd Prize: Day's End by Al Albrektson
3rd Prize #1: Downtown Red Rock #2 by Becky Haletky
3rd Prize #2: Peach on Fabric 3 by Hollis Machala
3rd Prize #3: Power Plant by Craig Masten

Honorable Mention 1: Follow the Light by Sheila Newquist Turner
Honorable Mention 2: Summer Vegetable and Japanese Plates by Mariko Toyama
Honorable Mention 3: Lot Closes at 5:00 by Priscilla Malone
Honorable Mention 4: Blue / Red / White by Mary J. Volatile
Honorable Mention 5: Farm Study by Stanley Wanczyk


Sky's the Limit, Juried by June Webster; November 2015
Accepted Work by:
Ackmann, Nina- "Emergence II", Bailey, Lisa G- "Night Drive", Beauchaine, Donato- "Chance of Showers", Beckwith, Robin- "Fathom This", 
Bernal, Evelyn- "The Arrival of the Storm", Brissette, Aime- "Up and Away", Brookfield, Maureen- "Ancestral Path", Cahalan, Pat- "Breaking Through", Canning, Barbara- "Nature's Gift", Cardoza, Rick- "Where Did He Go?", Como, Florence- "Winter Shadows", Croce, Joan- "Dawn Color", Crowell, Alyce- "Rome, On the Tiber", DiDonato, Cynthia- "Reflections", Eckberg, Gail- "The Cycle of Corn", Eisman, Sharon D.- "Gratitude IV (from The Little Gem Series)" and "Journey into the Abstract II", Fay, Pauline- "Skylight", Freeman Clark, Judith- "Backyard Sentinel", Gallinger, Janice- "Snowsquall", Godfray, Nancy- "North Country Sky", Godfrey, Leslie- "Iris", Griffeth, Bunny- "Heart of Flower", Habig, Jackie- "Naples Pier", 
Haletky, Becky- "Saquish" and "Blue Sky", Halle, Allen- "Turbulent Sky", Jeremiah, Lori- "Cascade" and "Blue Reflections", Kenny Kirwan, Donna- "What Next?", Kindgregan, Susan- "Skyfull of Canyon", Kinzer, Maryanne A.- "Flight", Mackay, Jay- "Kauai Koi", Mangiacapra, Paola- "Prevailing Winds", Manning, Stephen Ellery- "Cloud Nine, Please", Mansour, Janet- "Watching Seagulls", Masten, Craig- "Gap in the Storm", McAllister, Eileen- "Amaryllis Study", Motley Walton, Nancy- "Water's Edge- After the Snow" and "In the Heart of the Day", Nelson, Ron- "Myrna's Sky", Newton, Jane E.- "Afternoon in Wickford", Pace, Bernadette- "Kailich Sky", Paciello, Susan- "Old Glory" and "Glorious Maple", Paulson, Steve- "Sky Above Craig Manor", Robertson, Frank- "Reaching for the Sky", Sawyer Mitchell, Sally- "Flying Free", Silva, Beverly- "Cityscape IV", Sumner, Norma- "Winter Blues", Thompson, Elinor- "I See You", Turner, Bill- "Free Falling", Volatile, Mary J.- "Blow", Warner, Andrea- "Space", Wood, Rachel- "Holiday Cactus"

1st Prize:  Saquish by Becky Haletky
2nd Prize: Chance of Showers by Donato Beauchaine
3rd Prize: Cityscape IV by Beverly Silva
Honorable Mention 1:  In the Heart of the Day by Nancy Motley Walton
Honorable Mention 2:  Breaking Through by Pat Cahalan
Honorable Mention 3:  North Country Sky by Nancy Godfray
Honorable Mention 4:  Watching Seagulls by Janet Mansour

RIWS 21st Annual National Show, Juried by Ted Nuttall; October 2015:
Accepted Work by:
Alfery, Christine - “Yellow Finches at the Feeder”, Armstrong, Gail - "Remains", Athanas, Denise - "Jazzy Red II", Bailey, Lisa G. - 7 of 9 Lives", Bechtel, Brenda - "Lacework on Montague", Beckwith, Robin - "Poppies", Bernal, Evelyn - "White Poppies", Bertozzi, Judith - "Mosaic Mountain Medley", Brito, Jane - "Washed Up", Bromely, Lorraine - "Botanico", Callahan, Mary - "Farmhouse in Chianti", Caswell, Sally - "Winter Sunrise", Como, Florence - "Communion", Conn, Kendra - "Nigel's New Hat", Croce, Gina - "Morning Stroll", deLeiris, Lucia - "Chestnut", Donlon, Esther - "What's in the Water?", Gavett, Geoffrey - "Screwed No. 9", Gordon, Karen - "Apples and Pears", Griffeth, Bunny - "Poppies", Hale, Wendy - "Meeting of the Minds", Haletky, Becky - "Chinatown", Hayes, Pamela - "Magic on the Rocks", Hubbard, Carol - "Circe", Kirwan, Donna Kenny - "Interstate Navigation", Klas Wright, Susan - "Terrible Beauty", Kusmin, Andrew - "One Man's World", Laird-Lagasse, Janet - "Memory", Lane, William - "Sunny on Summer", Machala, Hollis - "White Clematis", MacLure, Donna - "It's a Ball", Mangiacapra, Paola - "Mike", Manning, Stephen Ellery - "Bella", Manson, Rosemarie - "My Muse", Marshall, Daniel - "Checking on the Vines", Masten, Craig - "Reflections in the Harbor", Meuse, Kimberly - "Purple Hydrangeas & Plums", Mitchell, Sally Sawyer - "Through the Bridge", Pertersen, Toni - "Asian Sunflowers", Rebek, Thomas - "Pull Me", Ricks, Garnet - "Juniors", Rustad-Smith, Susan - "Carved Flutist", Sabin, Richard - "Adagio", Scaltreto, Dawn - "Bell + Star", Schneider, Margaret - "Orphan", Shaw, Susan - "Woodlands", Stashenko, Kristin - "Signs of Spring", Stoddard, Jane - "Waiting for Action II", Taylor, Diane M. - "Sea Surge", Testa, Barbara - "Charlotte's Peony", Thompson, Elinor - "Wild Flowers", Toyama, Mariko - "Mango and White Lace", Vien, Paul L. -  "Heading Out", Von Hemert, Madeleine - "Along the Shore", Warth, Mary Boutote - "Echoes of Worry", Weber, Richard - "Winter Berries", Wojciechowski, Mary - "Wild Bunch"

David Marsland Memorial Award ($1,500): 
Pull Me by 
Thomas Rebek
Ruth Findley Memorial Award ($1,000): White Poppies by Evelyn Bernal
Ruth & WM Findley Memorial Award ($500): Reflections in the Harbor by Craig Masten
Raymond Annino Memorial Award ($270): Jazzy Red II by Denise Athanas
Fujie Wright Memorial Award ($250): It’s A Ball by Donna MacLure
Dr. Stanley Ross Memorial Award *For Traditional Painting ($150): Carved Flutist by Susan Rustad-Smith
Mary Lou Moore Award ($110): White Clematis by Hollis Machala
Horace & Ada Macomber Memorial Award ($100): Magic on the Rocks by Pamela Haynes
Susan L. Sumner Memorial Award ($100): Mango and White Lace by Mariko Toyama
Dennis R. Wyckoff Award ($75): Mike by Paola Mangiacapra
Honorable Mention 1: Woodlands by Susan Shaw
Honorable Mention 2: Screwed No. 29 by Geoffrey Gavett
Honorable Mention 3: My Muse by Rosemarie Manson
Honorable Mention 4: Washed Up by Jane Brito

Celebration of the Sea, Juried by Robert Mesrop; September 2015:
Accepted Work by:
Aissis, Jerry- "It's a Jungle Down There", Albrektson, Al- "Big Splash", Baily, Lisa G.- "Turtle Turtle", Beckwith, Robin- "The Most Dangerous Animal", Bernal, Evelyn- "The Old King", Bertozzi, Judith- "Bean Hollow Beach", Brito, Jane- "Beach Rocks", Cahalan, Pat- "Beach Days" & "Charlestown Breachway", Canning, Barbara- "End of the Journey", Chin, Cathy- "Beavertail I" & "Beavertail II", Como, Florence- "Loving the Surf", Croce, Gina- "Ocean Treasure", Crowell, Alyce- "Amalfi Coast", Di Donato, Cynthia- "Sea Ballet", Dwyer, Mary Ellen- "Taking a Break", Eddy, Paul Michael- "Repairing the Lines", Edwards, Pat- "Flotsam" & "Plymouth Rocks", Freeman Clark, Judith-"View from Castel Dragone, Camogli" & "Fegina Beach, Monterosso al Mare", Godfrey, Leslie S. - "Mew Gull, Claiming his View" & "Undercurrent", Griffeth, Bunny- "Underwater" & "Stormy Sea", Haletky, Becky- "Bathing Beach at Rottingdean" & "Funny Face", Haynes, Pam- "Obsession", Heydt, William- "Watching the Americas Cup Trial in Newport From Ft. Adams", Machala, Hollis- "Artist and the View", Maclure, Donna- "Beach Rocks", Malone, Priscilla C.- "Crashing Over", Manson, Rosemarie- "Raging Sea", Marcaccio, Trish- "Cresendo", McKeon, Mary-Jo "Afternoon Surf", Newton, Jane E- "Summer Place in Noank", Ofcarcik, Judith- "Rhode Island's Castle Hill", Paulson, Steve- "Another Day", Petrin, Denise- "The Plight of the Plovers", Rebeck, Thomas- "Chasing the Balloons on the Dock", Robertson, Frank- "A Good Spot", Rourke, Anne- "Watery Portal", Thompson, Elinor- "Block Island Beach", Tickner, Winifred- " The Fabulous Sea", Tuchapsky, Kyong- "Blue Surf", Turner, Sheila- "Sunset Sail Near Dutch Island Lighthouse", Turner, Bill- "Motif #1", Vein, Paul L., - "Horseneck Beach", Weber, Richard- "Five J's Newport", Wolf, C.C.- " Life Beneath the Waves" 

1st Prize:  Watching the Americas Cup Trial in Newport from Ft. Adams by William Heydt
2nd Prize: Turtle Turtle by Lisa G. Bailey
3rd Prize: Beach Days by Pat Cahalan
Honorable Mention 1: Beavertail II by Cathy Chin
Honorable Mention 2: Big Splash by Al Albrektson 
Honorable Mention 3: Life Beneath The Waves by C.C. Wolf
Honorable Mention 4: Obsession by Pam Haynes

Special Arrangments, Juried by Janet Walsh; June 2015:
Accepted Work by: 
Albrektson, Al (32, 33),  Beckwith, Robin (6, 7), Cahalan, Pat (64), Canning, Barbara (61), Chin, Cathy (54), Clark, Judith Freeman (10, 11), Como, Florence (71, 72, 73), D'Ambra, Pat (19, 20), Donahue, Joan (55), Escherich, Susan (2), Fay, Pauline (45, 46, 47), Gallinger, Janice (12, 13), Godfrey, Leslie (5), Griffeth, Bunny (52), Habig, Jackie (Canna) (67), Haletky, Becky (14, 15), Hart, Doug (38, 39, 40), Hayes, Jacque (65, 66), Kindregan, Susan (35), Maclure, Donna (36, 37), Mangiacapra, Paola (62), Manson, Rosemarie (31), McAllister, Eileen (69), Occhino, Kris (74), Paciello, Susan (8, 9), Paliotta, Daniella (53), Rebek, Thomas (48), Robertson, Frank (41), Sumner, Norma (42, 43), Thomas, Zilla (58), Thompson, Elinor (70), Timmins, Kathy (27, 28), Torres, Lynnette (26), Toyama, Mariko (1), Turner, Bill (17, 18), von Hemert, Madeleine (22), Weber, Richard (23, 24, 25), Zubrin, Helena (49, 50, 51)

1st Prize:  Cherries and Paisley by Donna MacLure
2nd Prize: Bird's Nest Wreath by Lynnette Torres
3rd Prize: Flora's Fedora Arrangement by Al Albrektson
Honorable Mention 1: Becky's Kitchen by Becky Haletky
Honorable Mention 2: Fall Reflection by Doug Hart
Honorable Mention 3: An Apple A Day by Bill Turner

RIWS 119th Annual Artist Member Show, Juried by Nancy Gaucher Thomas; April 2015:
All works submitted to this show will be hung in this exhibition.

1st Prize: Sole Passage by Cynthia DiDonato 
2nd Prize: Berkeley at Boylston by Bill Lane
3rd Prize #1: What is Left by Cathy Chin
3rd Prize #2: Tired Day by Kendra Conn
3rd Prize #3: Rockport by Al Albrektson

Honorable Mention 1: Asparagus and Lemons by Donna MacLure
Honorable Mention 2: Urban Spring by Paola Mangiacapra
Honorable Mention 3: Pink Moment by Madeleine Von Hemert
Honorable Mention 4: Amapola-Pretty Little Poppy by Rosemarie Manson

Go Figure, Juried by Paul Leveille; March 2015:
Accepted Work by: 
Albrektson, Al (42), Areita, Anne (21), Armstrong, Gail (68), Beauregard, Jeffrey (69), Beckwith, Robin (87),  Boghossian Thompson, Joan (36, 37), Brito, Jane (57), Bruining, Mi Ok Song (47, 48, 49), Cahalan, Pat (63), Cardoza, Rick (78), Como, Florence (82), Conn, Kendra (50), Croce, Joan (44), Crowell, Alyce (89, 90), Delay, David (61), Eckberg, Gail (39), Eisman, Sharon D. (45), Flagg, Carol (35), Gallinger, Janice (2), Gordon, Karen (65), Habig, Jackie (Canna) (40), Haletky, Becky (12, 14), Heydt, William (83), *Hsiung, Robert (1), *Hurtado, Juan A. (*75, 76), Kent, Carolyn Hagy (55), Khorey, Maggie (73), Lally, Frank (59, 60), Lyons, Michael (51), Mangiacapra, Paola (18), *Masten, Craig (*66, 67), Morgan, Charles K. (33), Paciello, Susan (26), Patiky, Jean (91, 92), Pepper, Arlene (29), Reinhardt, Jo Ellen (27), Resnick, Martin (22),  Rhian, Barbara (101),  Richards, Tom (11),  Ricks, Garnet (77), Robertson, Frank (4, 5),  *Stashenko, Kristin (43),  *Thompson, Elinor (*95, 96),  Turner, William (23), *Wanczyk, Stanley (100),  *Weber, Kathleen (*84, 85), Weber, Richard (7)

1st Prize: Lucas by Juan A. Hurtado 
2nd Prize: Artist's Workshop by Robert Hsiung
3rd Prize: Gina by Stanley Wanczyk
Honorable Mention 1: Til the Fat Lady Sings by Elinor Thompson
Honorable Mention 2: Female, Back by Craig Masten
Honorable Mention 3: Window Dressing by Kristin Stashenko
Honorable Mention 4: Two Fisted Pour by Kathleen Weber


Art Inspired by Song, Juried by Bob Noreika; November 2014:
Accepted Work by: 
Nina Ackmann (10), Jerry Aissis (23), Robin Beckwith (88), Evelyn Bernal (8), Judith Bertozzi (99), Pat Cahalan (90), Barbara Canning (4),Cathy Chin (51), Florence Como (64), Joan Croce (40), Cynthia DiDonato (14), Joan Edge (78), Carol Flagg (31), Leslie Godrfey (61), Bunny Griffeth (62), Martha Gordon Guillette (46), Jackie (Canna) Habig (21), Becky Haletky (6), Daydre Hamilton (25), Jacque Hayes (5), William Heydt (97), Janet Jordon (79), Maggie Khorey (86), Sue Kindgregan (45), Margaret Lachut (36), Don Lavallee (95), Suzanne Lewis (34), Hollis Machala (101), Donna Maclure (27), Paola Mangiacapra (2), Stephen Ellery Manning (3), Rosemarie Manson (73), Tricia Marcaccio (50), Antonia Marshall (77), Sally Meding (84), Jane E. Newton (83), Kris Occhino (24), Nancy C. Paull (94), Marguerite Pile (82), Thomas Rebek (7), Dyan Rook (28), Anne Rourke (96), Susan Pratt Sheridan (13), Hiroko Shikashio (89), Beverly Silva (20), Diane Taylor (29), Elinor Thompson (56), Mary J. Volatile (44), Andrea Warner (70), Mary Wojciechowski (69).

1st Prize: Jazz City Nights by Sally Meding
2nd Prize: Last Call at Billy Goodes by William Heydt
3rd Prize: New York, New York by Cathy Chin
Honorable Mention 1: Sing a Song by Florence Como
Honorable Mention 2: Vesti la Quibha (The Sad Clown) by Maggie Khorey
Honorable Mention 3: Rubber Ducky by Thomas Rebek
Honorable Mention 4: Shades of Blue by Leslie Godfrey

RIWS Northeast Regional Show, Juried by Stephen Quiller; October 2014:
Accepted Work by:
Jerry Aissis- “Fountain of Life”, Raymond Andreotti-“Keeper of Faith”, Raymond Annino- “Pink Victorian”, Lynne Atwood- “Enchanted Birches”, Brenda Bechtel- “Fog Descends in an Amber Fugue”, Robin Beckwith- “Discovery”, Anne Belson- “Falmouth Harbor Soft Day”, Evelyn Bernal- “Star View”, Carole Berren- “At the Carnival”, Jane Brito- “Beach Rocks 2”, Lorraine Bromley- “Damsel Falls”, Pat Cahalan-“Harbor Reflections”, Mary Callahan- “Strolling Through the Campo”, Jackie Canna- “Bocce Morning”, Rick Cardoza- “Winter Walk”, Cathy Chin- “Magnolia”, Alyce Crowell- “High and Dry”, Nancy Daly- “Shards of the Sea”, Cynthia DiDonato- “Sanctuary”, Joan Donahue- “Tranquility”, Esther Donlon- “Dunluce Castle”, Mary Ellen Dwyer- “Goose Neck Cove”, Joan Edge- “A Man and his Newspaper”, Karen Gordon-“Winter Whites”, Wendy Hale- “West 4th Street”, Becky Haletky- “Java”, Daydre Hamilton- “Swan Lake”, Richard Harrington- “In the Neighborhood”, Pamela Haynes- “Sea Rocks”, William Heydt- “Gun Guy”, Robert Hsiung- “Cedar Trees- Big Sur, CA”, Carol Hubbard- “Reflections”, Sue Klas Wright- “Marjorie Glacier”, Michael Lyons- “Just Drifting", Hollis Machala- “Animal”, Eliz Magilligan-“Wave on Rocks”, Paola Mangiacapra, “Fifth and Broadway”, Stephen Ellery Manning- “Weeping Angel”, Trish Marcaccio- “On the Rocks”, Daniel Marshall- “Cows of Rhinebeck”, Eileen McAllister-“Tomatillo”, Sally Meding- “Waiting for the Ride”, Sally Mitchell- “Seaside Copper”, Joan Murphy- “Consternation”, Kris Occhino,-“Evening Glow”, Susan Patterson- “On the Waterfront”, Debbie Petrowski- “Bells and Tomatoes on Vine”, Yvonne Posa, “Big Sur”, Garnet Ricks- “City Stable”, Dyan Rook- “Walking Wickford”, Nancy Rumpf- “Arctic Dream”, Susan Rustad Smith- “Cortez Fishing”, Richard Sabin- “Seeing the Light”, Sherri Snyder- “Diner: A Little Sugar in Your Cup”, Kristin Stashenko- “Kartel Chairs”, Anne Sullivan- “Out of the Blue”, Diane Taylor- “Forestscape”, Elinor Thompson- “Convergence”, Mary Volatile- “Blue Landscape”, Madeleine Von Hemert- “Fleeting Light”, Stan Wanczyk- “Summer Cottage”, Mary Boutote Warth- “Winds of Time”, Mary Wojciechowski- “Making a Big Splash”, C.C Wolf- “They Flew Away”, Aivars Zandbergs- “Oceanfront Garden".

David Marsland Memorial Award ($500): Joan Murphy- “Consternation”
Ruth Findley Memorial Award ($300): Cathy Chin- “Magnolia”
Fujie Wright Memorial Award ($250): Daniel Marshall- “Cows of Rhinebeck”
Ruth & Wm Findley Memorial Award ($150): Raymond Andreotti-“Keeper of Faith”
Dennis R Wyckoff Award ($100): Robert Hsiung- “Cedar Trees- Big Sur, CA”
Mary Lou Moore Award ($100): Becky Haletky- “Java”
Horace & Ada Macomber Memorial Award ($100): Sue Klas Wright- “Marjorie Glacier”
Honorable Mention 1: Jerry Aissis- “Fountain of Life”
Honorable Mention 2: Jackie Canna- “Bocce Morning”
Honorable Mention 3: Raymond Annino- “Pink Victorian”
Honorable Mention 4: Kristin Stashenko- “Kartel Chairs”

The Artist Travels, Juried by William Heydt; September 2014:
Accepted Work by:
Jerry Aissis (16), Al Albrektson (5), Donato Beauchaine (40), Evelyn Bernal (10), Lorraine Bromley (44), Mary Callahan (37), Barbara Canning (11), Rick Cardoza (32 & 33), Sally Caswell (75), Florence Como (62 & 63), Alyce Crowell (49 & 51), Cynthia DiDonato (21), Gali Eckberg (43), Susan Escherich (45 & 46), Janice Gallinger (38), Bunny Griffeth (41), Becky Haletky (35 & 36), Jacque Hayes (67), Naoko Kanno-Nagl (22), Sue Klas Wright (68 & 69), Jeannine Lawson (64), Kyung Ja Lee (39), Suzanne Lewis (17 & 18), Hollis Machala (6), Donna Maclure (9), Paola Mangiacapra (3), Stephen Ellery Manning (4), Rosemarie Manson (26 & 27), Antonia Marshall (1), Sheila Newquist-Turner (7), Kris Occhino (61), Judith Ofcarcik (8), Jean Patiky (59), Steven Paulson (29), Toni Petersen (31), Yvonne Posa (72), Thomas Rebek (53 & 54), Frank Robertson (12 & 13), Dyan Rook (70), Nancy Rumpf (14), Norma Sumner (23), Diane Taylor (48), Mariko Toyama (2), Mary J. Volatile (34), Andrea Warner (55), Mary Wojciechowski (28 & 30), Helena Zubrin (25).

1st Prize: The Seascape by Becky Haletky
2nd Prize: The Soldier Travels by Thomas Rebek
3rd Prize: Sweet Papaya by Lorraine Bromley
Honorable Mention 1: Floridian Fancy Fruit by Donna Maclure
Honorable Mention 2: La Chiara by Mary Callahan
Honorable Mention 3: Acadia Afternoon by Mary Wojciechowski
Honorable Mention 4: Lure of the Sea by Diane Taylor

Reflections, Juried by Nancy Friese; May 2014:
Accepted Work by:
Jerry Aissis, Al Albrektson, Nancy C. Bailey, Donato Beauchaine, Robin Beckwith, Evelyn Bernal, Judith Bertozzi, Maureen Brookfield, Pat Cahalan, Mary Callahan, Barbara Canning, Rick Cardoza, Cathy Chin, Florence Como, Joan Croce, Cynthia DiDonato, Gail Eckberg, JOan Edge, Kathryn Euart, Mary Ferry, Bunny Girffeth, Becky Haletky, Daydre Hamilton, Linda Littleton, Michael Lyons, Hollis Machala, Donna Maclure, Priscilla Malone, Paola Mangiacapra, Stephen Ellery Manning, Antonia Marshall, Eileen McAllister, Sally Meding, June Morse, Judy Mulligan, Russell Neville, Sheila Newquist-Turner, Kathy Lee Parker, Jean Patiky, Linda Porreca, Yvonne Posa, Frank Robertson, Nancy Rumpf, Mary Shiff, Sherri Snyder, Elinor Thompson, Mariko Toyama, Kyong Tuchapsky, Richard Van Wie, Paul Vien, Mary Volatile, Madeleine Von Hemert, Mary Wojciechowski.

1st Prize: Reflections III by Daydre Hamilton
2nd Prize: Magic Carpet by June Morse
3rd Prize: Mill Pond by Hollis Machala
Honorable Mention 1: Quarry Perch by Mary Wojciechowski
Honorable Mention 2: Reflections by Al Albrektson

Space, Juried by Kathy Weber; February 2014:

Accepted Work: 

2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18,  19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 42, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 53, 56, 57, 58

1st Prize: 9  

2nd Prize: 13  

3rd Prize: 40

Honorable Mentions: 18, 32, 51

White & Abstraction, Juried by Bob Noreika; November 2013: 
Accepted Work: 
1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 10, 12,1 5, 19, 20, 22, 24, 29, 30, 35, 38, 40, 41, 43, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 56, 58, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66, 67, 69, 72, 73, 74, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81, 86, 90, 91, 94, 97, 98, 101, 102,103, 104

White Prize Winners:
1st: 90
2nd: 81
3rd: 94
Honorable Mention: 15

Abstract Prize Winners:
1st: 50
2nd: 74
3rd: 52
Honorable Mention: 48

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